The Impact of Training and Orientation in the Workplace


Being new at work is like moving to a new house. It feels quite awkward, new environment, new people – and it really takes some time for a newbie to have the comfort and ease. Work speaking, before the actual hiring, staff conducts a briefing – the so-known orientation and training.

In the corporate world, no one should underestimate the advantage of training and orientation for new employees. This serves as a training ground for newbies to familiarize themselves with the company, how they do and who to work with. Sometimes, few people get annoyed with the training period and seem to get bored – that is why knowing its purposes is very much beneficial.

The Significance of Training and Orientation

It is important to be knowledgeable about the impact of training and orientation to every member of the organization. Knowing how vital these factors in the workplace are will recognize your skills and potential.


Orientation and Training are more than being introduced to co-employees. It is actually making the person feel welcomed and at ease on the onboarding process of his or her job application.

– Introduction to Resources needed. More than being welcomed, training is the time when the new individual will be introduced to the tools, machinery, files and any kind of resources that are essential to the business. This gives ample time for the newbie to try out these resources and discover how it functions and works.

– Introduction to Co-Workers and Office Staff. Being new to the work itself, it is very important to know whom a new employee should seek help with when necessary. Knowing the employee’s role in your workplace will help determine the right person to consult with when certain incidents or encounters happen.

– Explain procedures and office rules. This is the time to discuss the dos and don’ts in your workplace. During this period, the person should be guided on how to use the leave, holidays, rest days, absence and more. He or she will also be oriented about some privileges commonly granted to the employees.

– The orientation of job description and responsibility – Being new to the work itself, this will be the time to discuss how a new employee should work and how it will be done. It is very important to have the idea so they’ll meet the expectations and get the job done properly. Being mindful during the training period will surely help avoid misunderstanding and stress when actual work has been given.

How to Prepare for A Job Orientation

How a person behaves and takes the orientation will have a big impact on the boss and co worker’s impression. This is the time when they mostly observe you and your attitude. It is very important to be always prepared with the following:

– Always be Punctual. Punctuality is one good impression for new employees. This is an indication that the person is eager to get hired. If not yet familiar with the place, make it a habit to get to the office with allotted time allowance. It will also help to get familiar with the travelling time and the best routes to get through the area quickly.

– Dress accordingly – Dress properly and impress co-workers with a neat and decent outfit. At all times, wear clean, ironed clothes following the proper office dress codes.

– Carry all important documents, files and essentials during orientation – To avoid hassle moments, make it a habit to bring important documents. With that, it will be easy to present them when being asked. Most companies today ask for identity documents, reports, medicals etc. It is also a plus point to bring a pen and notebook. Orientation and training are important so taking down notes would be great.

– Bring some snacks – Expect that a new employee would have a long day during orientation and training. It is very important to have something to eat during quick breaks. A trainee should not be hungry as it may affect the performance all day long.

– Ask questions if Needed – Do not hesitate to raise some questions for any confusion regarding any part of the training discussion. It would be a big help to clarify things to avoid misunderstanding.

Elements of Job Orientation and Training

There are important factors that you are highlighted during the entire period of orientation and training in the workplace. It is very important to look for these while doing so.

– Company Mission and Vision – One role of a new employee becomes aware of the company’s mission and vision so as he or she could internalize what this truly means.- Rules and Regulations – every company has their own versions of do’s and don’ts. Knowing it in advance will help an employee aware of what and what not to perform.

– Business Overview – Before being totally hired, it will be good to know what is the business model, target market and competitors of the company or brand.

– Benefits and Privileges – It’s every employee’s right to get the benefits he or she deserves upon working. Expect discussion about double pays, day-offs, bonuses and more. Be mindful of signing up for the benefits and the eligible privilege it encloses.

Above are just some of the must-know facts about orientation and training in the workplace. It would be a big help to know everything about why it is important, how to take it properly and things to expect so as a new employee would have a picture of the corporate world he or she will enter soon. Taking orientation and training seriously will not only guide a person to work efficiently but would definitely increase the chance for job satisfaction and success.

On the employer’s side, it will also be very beneficial to conduct a good and effective employee onboarding. The success of the orientation will also be depending upon how the staff conducts it and how well they train the newbies. Being approachable but professional at the same time will put the new employee at his or her comfort zone and later be comfortable and confident in the workplace when the actual job has been accepted.





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