How to Maximize Limited Office Space with Ergonomics Equipment

So, you want to open a new venture– great! Unless you intend to build a company based entirely online, you will need to deal with a few things to make your dream of being CEO come true. Of course, you will need a solid business plan, supplies or suppliers, if you are providing a service, and a physical address from where you can entertain clients.

Depending on your location, the last item on this list just might be the most expensive; it might even consume bulk of your capital. Don’t let that stop you– here’s what you can do when the rent is too darn high.

Location Matters

Looking for a Downtown Office Space?

It is basic knowledge that if you want to perform well in business, you need to find a business address that is accessible, visible, and near your target audience. Other things to consider when finding the right location for your business may include finding an address that easily captures potential clients or finding an office far from competitors but close enough to complementary establishments. To explain further, if you want to capture the patronage of sports hobbyists, put your business far from other sporting goods stores and near gyms or fitness centers.

If you can get this sorted out or if you’ve succeeded in finding the prime location for your business, your chances of succeeding increase just as well. Your establishment’s location can hint at your business’ success trajectory, and might even tell you just how you’re likely to last in your selected niche.

There is a reason why the location is often the first item people consider when devising their business plan; however, not all entrepreneurs will get what they want. Everyone wants the ideal business space, but the reality is, real estate these days costs too much and you just might have to deal with alternatives, especially when you’re just starting out.

Big Things Happen in Small Spaces

No Space? No Problem!

In the context of business success, office size does not matter. Some of the best deals ever made in business usually happened in a small 4-walled office, not in a sprawling mansion. In some cases, great deals have happened out in the streets or in golf courses, not in offices.

But every entrepreneur’s luck is different, and in this economy, you might have to make sure your clients are through your door to make the magic happen. Despite the rising costs in real estate and in running a business, never lose faith in the possibility that big things can happen in tight spaces. After all, all you need to close a deal is a table and chair for your clients to sit on as they sign a check.

If your luck has brought you to a small office space in a competitive address, don’t fret. There are plenty of things you can do to maximize your space and to make it a comfortable and productive place to work in. You may not have the extra square meters, but don’t let that stop you from making those millions.

Must-Haves in a Small Office

If you are dealing with a small office, don’t worry because you are not alone. Newly set-up businesses are dealing with the same thing, and with the right input and ideas, you can turn a place of limited space into a place of unlimited possibilities.

The secret to maximizing a small office space is to invest in the right furniture for yourself and your team. Since furniture tend to consume a lot of space, it would be wise to invest in space-saving furniture early on. Let go of the idea that you need to look like a million bucks to make a million bucks. When it comes to building or designing your office, sometimes less is more, and a simple interior can be more beneficial than installing large mahogany desks and cabinets.

If you don’t have the luxury of space, invest in sleek furniture that allows you to get the work done comfortably. Alternatively, instead of delegating a fixed desk in your office to an employee, consider an open-space design, where your employees can work wherever they would like. Instead of filling up space with bulky tables that are hard to move, design your office like you would your home: with lots of comfortable seats and sleek tables.

Not having enough space for desks isn’t a problem. As an alternative, install motorized standing desks in your office, so employees can choose between working while seated, or working while standing. Giving them the option to work however they like helps boost their productivity and creativity, as well.

Invest in Ergonomics Early

The most recommended ergonomic pieces to add in your small office space include motorized standing desks, convertible standing desks, adjustable laptop trays with foldable legs. Convertible standing desks are highly recommended for offices with too much desks, but not enough space for a standing desk. They can transform just about any sturdy surface into a dedicated standing desk. Finally, adjustable laptop trays are pretty much work desks you can bring, set-up, and use anywhere.

Don’t wait until you are raking in a 7-figure income. The sooner you invest in ergonomic furniture, the sooner will you encourage your employees to embrace safe work habits everyday. This, in turn, can improve their performance. It helps to set a precedent that in your office, comfort and safety come first.

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