5 Surprising Ways That Show You Love Your Job

What have you noticed with a lot of workers? When work seems stressful and work is becoming unbearable because of competition or stress – workers will rant on social media saying they hate their job but need to stay because of financial obligations. It is a nasty trap. Seldom do you hear workers say they enjoy their job or that they are looking forward to going into the workplace. If you’re not one of the ranters, maybe you actually don’t hate your job as much as you think. Maybe ‘love’ your job is a bit strong, but there certainly be parts that you like, and it’s good to focus on these.

Here are the telltale signs that you love your job.

You are Highly Motivated.

You may have limited resources and your work requires you to do more but it is not an issue. because you are highly motivated to get things done. With a fast-paced working environment, the ability to prioritize and stay motivated to get thing done – on time is a desirable trait employers are always on the lookout.

Even when you are under pressure because of your workload – you still manage your time effectively. To stay highly motivated you always look back to why you started to be in your company.

You Showcase A Flexible  Attitude

You can say NO without hurting yourself or damaging your career. You know your limitations and avoiding too much workload is one of them. Since quality output is your desired result – you aim for flexible work attitude which helps you manage your workload and submit completed task – on time.

It also means a flexible working schedule. Some job descriptions include sitting at your desk, but you are fully aware how sitting all day can be an great offender to your health. A research indicates that too much sitting lowers life expectancy, cause of premature aging, and heart ailments.  Maybe your employer accommodates you and provides you with a standing desk or a standing desk converter. You love your work but you love yourself more and so you stand to work.

You Help and Encourage Others

You initiate changes and provide help to interns. You are not scared to share your ideas but instead look forward to spending long and productive years in the company. This also means you take time to share your expertise to the company and wisely supervise newbies. You have this personality of being able to provide solutions and valuable information. In the same manner that you enjoy helping, you  also found your perceived career development in the same company – in the future.

You Prefer Face to Face Encounters

Workers who love what they are doing or is having a great experience in the company tends to be sociable and well liked by everybody. You are not constantly connected to your emails and smartphone but prefers a personal approach with fellow workers. This can lead to a healthier working habit as you tend to ditch prolonged sitting and prefers to stand more. To make this set up feasible – you can have a sit stand workstation and stand your way loving your work.

While standing to work, you can easily connect with your colleagues, Use the stairs and visit a team member for updates. Talk business but not gossip.

You Respect Your Work

You love your work therefore you have zero tolerance to distraction by following schedules. Respecting your work means always on time for work, meeting, project submission, and task completion.

You follow the company’s guidelines without sacrificing your principles. You are well versed of the culture, practices, and the norm of the company. In a way this helps you how to conduct yourself in front of your superiors, colleagues, and subordinates.

Nobody’s perfect, including your job but you act your part the best way you can. Always mindful of the company’s goal to target in a specific time frame. Loving your career is an indicator of job satisfaction. If you are always tired in your job, perhaps you need to change some deadly habits of sitting all day to using a standing desk to work. Remember too much sitting makes you sick – back pain, issues with metabolism, and foggy brain. While standing to work increases your energy and you are more active and productive.

If you find yourself saying yes to all then you love where you are right now. But if not, maybe it is time to change careers.

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